Dream-Magic-Joy....a closer look


This is a Fey spread that is a tad confussing for me, even though it sounds pretty straight forward. I guess if I stuck with just the single word titles of the positions I would be OK....but no- inquiring minds must feed.
In the companion book, the positions are described in detail-

DREAMS> all the energies that are the limit of what we are capable of perceiving, what could happen. Possibilities & opportunities, ability to withdraw from the real, oppressive, and limited world for a moment and learn wisdom & understanding on this journey.

JOY>reasons for being joyful & happy. Remove all other influences & concentrate on the present moment of happiness. The reason for joy emerges from obscurity, drowning the heart in tears of joy

MAGIC>the world of Fey, which we need to come into contact with in order to use this deck properly. Who are the Fey? 'being’ opposed to ‘having’- now opposed to then. What can & what will be if one believes strongly enough, the possibility of what might happen.

RiccardoLS has also mentioned to do a rotation with the cards like other 3 card throws- to show the progression and evolution of the situation.

so-based on the above, in your own words, what would each position represent-

I see Dreams as the manifestation part of thinking and mind power. We can only do what we think we can do, but if we believe that anything is possible, then anything can happen.
I do believe that with focused thought, things can be manifested.
With Joy I see that in order to bring about good times that there must be good within- there can be no doubt, only happiness and a carefree nature, for this sort of attitude does not allow for any dissapointments.
And Magic- I always get caught up on this one especially-
are we to look at the Fey that presents themselves here and fill ourselves with thier 'energy'....the message the card brings?
Is this card like a catalyst, the one that offers advise on how to achieve that dream & joy....

I'm curiouse how you all see this spread, especially the Magic position.

later I would like to get into the rotation of the cards....


Hi Luna -

DREAMS - we need to remember, as reader and querent that dreams are very powerful - we need to believe that there is no limit to what we can achieve - isn't there an old saying - if you can dream it you can do it - we need to remember to keep sight of our dreams and to constantly dream bigger

JOY - I believe that in this context - as reader and querent we need to find the joy and happiness no matter what the situation or frame of mind - count our blessings - and be happy with what we do have and not concentrate so much on what we don't have

MAGIC - as reader and querent we need to always remember that we possess our own magic - again, if we can dream it - we can do it - no matter what it is - each of us has the power within ourselves to accomplish wonderful things


i keep using the spread for specific situations. Making the meanings more pratical.
So i try to see the key words like this:

Dream: what i want from something...my hopes and secret intentions. But it could also be my nightmares..my secret fears

Joy: How i can get the best out of something. How i can enjoy teh situation to its fullest.

what the universe...spiritual world, fey world do in this situation..how the influence it

maybe a little vague but it really works for me