The Hanged Man



Is there a reason why the artist of this deck left the Hanged man completly naked?

I think for myself that being the "fool in reverse" he had no knowledge was kinda the same thing as Adam and Eve they had no knowledge of right and wrong so to speak...until they sampled the fruit of the tree of knowledge.


all ego and pretense have been stripped away.

the hanged man is undergoing an ordeal to be purified before he can receive wisdom.


Thanks that does make sense.....


I pulled the hanged one several times as a daily draw and have to say that the "lettuce" growing out of his mouth irritates me!-???
I read about it's meaning in the book but still....


Mi-Shell, I found the leaves in his mouth a bit odd at first too. I always see this card as having three meanings firstly, sacrifice, secondly, a period of suspension or waiting, and thirdly about looking at things from a different perspective. With this card and the leaves in his mouth I see it as related to the third meaning and being about making a choice to be silent. To listen rather than talk, to absorb the situation and see it with new eyes. Not sure if that will be helpful for you but I try to see it as his choice to take a new approach to a situation.


Ei jei jei sapienza!
You got me there! I have a big mouth and if it is not stuffed with letuce or something else WORDS come out.......
I will remember your wise words! Thanks


I think he is naked ... because it makes him more vulnerable, it leaves him no where to hide... he is exposed.

The thing about this card I think is the interrupted harvest... things coming to a standstill. But more than that, the sacrifice that has to be made before it can continue.

There is the Summer King and the Winter King, the Winter King was sacrificed in the early spring, his blood spilled on the ground to ensure fertility. The new Summer King would become the Stag, with the High Priestess (she would be the Lady) and that union would ensure growth and fertility as well. There were other sacrifices as well, so I'm not quite sure where this would fit. Personally, I think this guy did something, broke some law or taboo and is hung up for it... so often the Hanged Man is about consequences.

Stuff it... is a pretty good thought for those leaves in his mouth. Tho' the choice to remain silent and listen is very good advice. Which I think I shall take right now.

Sorry my thoughts are all over the place and can't seem to tie it up neatly.


I see this card first as surrender to a higher power or higher cause , second as looking at things from a new perspective.

The naked thing I also see as stipping away all pretence .

I think the leaves in his mouth is he is infused with nature he is part of the tree so much je is growing leaves out ofhis mouth. He is part of all 3 worlds.

Bat Chicken

Absolutely, very shamanist....


Pondering on the Hanged man

it is 3 all over again and 3's seem creative to me so it fits the " new way of looking at things" but not the other 2 or 3 meaning it normally goes with.

Is the cycle off in the grass there for unfinished business?

The card is very yellow/green but those blue flowers really jump out at you . I wonder if they are there just for aesthetics or is there a reason for them?

What element would you say this card most belongs to? It looks like earth but it feels like water.