The Maat Study Group 5 of Swords

Ivy Rhiannon

Card/Number: 5 of Swords/10

Card Image: see attached

First Impression: This card clearly demonstrates deception. The younger man in the card is clearly deceiving the woman he is dealing cards to, but- what of the other man? Is he helping the young man in his deception? It would certainly appear so. The woman's expression shows that she is aware that it is occurring, but who to trust? Though the deceptive young man keeps an innocent face, his tell-tale blush gives him away. The older man however, is much more sly. Perhaps he is teaching the young boy the trade of deception- with the woman being part of the teaching.

Card Description: A woman is playing cards, an older male standing beside her, looking at the cards in her hand. The older male holds up two fingers, but his expression gives nothing away. The younger male, the dealer, stands across from the pair, with his right hand pushing two cards into his belt behind his back. His face shows no expression, though a flush is seen on his cheeks. The woman looks off to the side, with a pondering expression.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: neutral

Colors: blue, black, white, maroon, tan

Senses: you feel the tension in the air, a sense of wrongness pervades your being. You smell the sweat and nervousness of the boy as you hear the gentle rustling of his clothes. The air tastes stale and metallic.

Symbols: cards, feathers, swords, young and older male figures

Story (intuitive): I stand off to the side, watching the card play, seeing the dealer in his deception. Just as I start to warn the woman playing, she glances out of the corner of her eyes, looking at me, a contemplative look on her face. I can hear her voice in my head, "I know that treachery and deceit are afoot. I am caught in a situation of mistrust- where I know at least one of my enemies, though I wonder at how far this deception goes, and who is truly involved. You have been here, in my situation, I see it in your eyes- you know how this feels. Your first instinct- what was it? I bet it was to deceive back, to lie in order to survive- to WIN. But, in reflection- did you not see the truth? By doing that, you would be exactly the same as they are. A hard truth to deal with, especially when you are surrounded by liars who care nothing of who you are, or what they take from you. You wonder- how can they be so cold, so callous? How on earth did they become like this? It is by taking that first step which we are all tempted to do- to lie and deceive, to hurt them back. So, I ask you- is it truly defeat to walk away? Not when the alternative choice leads you down that path. You cannot fight deceit with deception- it only crumbles in the light of truth. Do not let them kill your trust in mankind, do not let them turn you into what they are! Walk quietly away with your head held high, knowing that the ability to be true to yourself is intact and that is something that they will never know.".

I nod at her, and smile. She is a pistol! What a courageous woman. Someone that I would enjoy having as a friend. She looks each man in the eye as she deliberately folds her cards, sauntering away from the table, toward me and my friends. The men smirk at each other as she walks away. She comes to our table, sits and we laugh and have a drink together. The mens' smirks turn to confusion and anger- they hate that they have failed in hurting her, but mostly that they have failed in their becoming of who they are. She looks at me softly- and we understand each other well. We finish our drinks and walk away, going out into the night, our heads held high, our pride intact. No, we are not victims, we are the wise ones, living true to ourselves and being part of humanity.

Astrologic: Week of the new moon in Scorpio, planetary ruler: Pluto

Element: fire and air

Keywords: deceit, liar, loss, dishonor, failure

Meanings: mischief is afoot, deception is taking place, something is not what it seems to be.

Quote: "I will not dishonor myself by becoming part of the deception around me."

How wise and insightful! Yes by becoming a part of the deception we become thieves our selves! I love this interpretation :D