The Magician


Hey Everyone
The Magician in the Fey Tarot is really unique, I have a problem with it.

Can someone please tell me what they think about that card?
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He's an adorable fey. The only negitive that I can get from this magician is that when he is frustraited, he might not have such control over his magic. He is not typically malicious in fact, playful with his studies. With a glow of intense light, he is 'creating' a mouse. There is another mouse already with him, who watches intently (or sits as a model) . I suspect this is his familiar, & the mouse he conjurs will end up as his familiar's familiar. Who else would do such a odd thing, a trickster. -interesting/unrelated? connection coyote & mouse are sometimes interchanged in Nat. Am. symbology- and the mouse is analizes and nit-picks at everything. Mouse is scrutiny.
As true to the Magician traditions, he is equiped with the symbols of the suits, he has a chalice of wine, a potted mini tree for the wands. There is a sword stuck inbetween the pages of one of the many books stacked up, I wonder what it marks, or if just a nutty way of storage for the fey-mage. It might be that he marks a part of the book that contains some knowledge that he has yet to learn with his creative process. His Pentacle looks to be a decorative shield. The color red is one of the symbols in this card. The wine, the mouse eyes, the stone set in the sword handle, the center of the shield. There is also a strange bulb floating in the corner the has red 'balls of light' contianed within and a decorative red point that looks pendulum-like. The magicians tunic is red as well (like the robe for other mags) Two other colors predominte, the color opposite of red; green, and 'gold'. All colors to me are colors that are of life and creation.
the red is like the blood that gives and sustains life.


I really liked that in this card the elemental objects are arranged more casually ratherthan in a row on a table (didn't notice till the book pointed it out to me mind you). To e this symbolizes the elemental qualities as they are already contained with us. I think we do have access to the elements in this more subtle way.

The mouse, to me, symbolized the magicians capacity for networking and communication (an interpretation i've read for years but didn't understand until I started typing this). He has the power within him for creation but it is networking with others that will enable him to build the better mousetr... err mouse. He is working with a mouse field expert (field mouse, get it? oy) and combines that with his magical know how to get a better product.


One more thing the card is about is the comparison between:
- reality (the mouse)
- our perception, our model of reality (the conjured mouse).

The true thing and the perceived thing are never the same, but the Magician quest is to be as true to reality as it is possible.
In a way he is beginning to pierce the Maya veil of the High Priestess (the Seer).

(2 cents)


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I'm back on the Forum.
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AH!~ The true Fey Magician has returned and blessed us!
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I still do not get what that means

Rider's Magician's main point is the hand pointing up and one hand pointing down, where can I see that?

and do u guys mean that the magician should not make fake stuff? since he has to power to make a real one anyway?



One arm high up, one low down.
What does it mean?

Literally it is the descent of grace from Heaven to Earth. The Magician power is the channel.
Less literally - the RWS deck used an higly symbolic and magical language - is the communication between Spiritual and Material.
The quest of the magician is to connect the two worlds.

In the Fey Tarot the symbol is shown in a different way.
As the language is psychological rather than magical, you see a boundary between reality and our model of it... our perception.

And again the Magician, with the act of conjuring become a bridge, if not a channel.

Anyway... I would suggest not to stretch the RWS structure too much inside the Fey Tarot. There is not any literal translation menaing to meaning between the two decks.





Do you mean that the magician's hand is the channel between the real, the real mouse, and the ideas, the fake mouse.

Just like the sky and earth?

Thanks for replying :)


The Magician itself, rather than just his hand.
Being such a channel... striving to became one,a ctually, is what makes him a Magician in the first place.




I know I'm a bit late on this one, but I'll give my 2 cents anyway (hope you don't mind).

I always associate the magician to self-esteem and being able of doing what we want, with everything life has given us so far, our experience, etc.

In this case, I have the feeling that the magician feels like taking a chance on creating a mouse, even when a real mouse is standing right in front of him. The magician doesn' look malicious, or evil, so I think he's doing it for good, not because he feels more powerful through it. But at least he knows he can do it.
And to me, that's what the Magician is all about it, the feeling of doing things, achieving something, even if it's just for the pleasure of achieving, and the act has no particular consequences - good or evil.

I think that, no matter how much we think good or bad about a situation, there's nothing like reality - the big mouse...

ok, hope it made sense...