The Nines ~


The Nine of Wands was discussed in a general discussion in the 'Tarot Cards' section, I believe. It was a debate about the use of the term 'Irish' more than a discussion of the card.

Cups ~ So! We finally get to see the inside of the Hermit's space ship! the concept of safe, contented, smug, etc. is evident, but I think a coffee cup could have been incorporated into the image somewhere! I still feel modern decks should have at least one of the suit symbols somehow incroporated into the design. With this modern interpretation, I wonder if this can still be considered 'The Wish Card' for those that use it that way. Our Hermit looks rather comfortable for someone exploring the depths od space all alone.

Coins ~ O.K. -- my first reaction to the image was What card is this supposed to be?. Then the garden and the bird clicked in and I said 'OH! The rich woman with the falcon!' LWB: "Enjoying the fruits of your labor. Well-deserved enjoyment." Of course, I feel this young man provides a different 'feel' to the card - that he does the down-and-dirty-under-the-fingernails gardening work, whereas the rich widow gives you the impression that she has someone else do it for her.

Swords ~ Wow! Probably the best image of the set. A mature man sits on the edge of his bed while nine jet fighters roar over his head - flashbacks of Viet Nam? LWB: "Mental tapes which play over and over." This card deals with mental fatigue and midnight stresses that go bump in the night - mental anguish that never goes away. I have never met a Vietnam Vet who will talk about his war experiences other than in vague roundabout ways - one of my students did two tours of duty over there. The bedframe echos the sword hilts of the RWS.