The Tens ~


The Ten of Wands is discussed in the thread on The Fool - since they are 'before and after' images of the same character.

Cups ~ Oh - pul-EEEZE! LOL! The happy straight couple with a home and two small children has been replaced with a gay couple with a home and two small children. I think this card will get snickers from most people because the image, although sought for-internally, is a parody of the RWS and can't be taken too seriously. These two men may have gotten married by the Priest in #5 -- but the children? [snipped by Moderator] A little too over-the-top in the wrong direction for me.

Coins ~ Seen in context of its connection back to the Wheel and not the Magician, we see a gradual depiction of 'gay men as they appeared through the ages.' The 'Dandy' in the foreground moves to smartly dressed man to 60s hippie to 70s hip black man. The youth in the ballcap/jeans/down vest gives way to the thin youth in the designer shirt and spiked hairdo. {These men get younger as history goes by, Lee!} LWB:"Seeing your concerns in a larger context. A knowledge and appreciation of [gay] history." [word in brackets - mine]. The Ten of Coins usually deals in a multigenerational family, a sense of family purpose, and a sense of belonging. Aren't we all 'family'? I guess so.

Swords ~ Rather than replace the RWS body with all the Swords, in this terriffic image the old RWS picture appears on the monitor screen of a home PC - but a hand at the right seems poised to plug the computer. In Lee's masterful definition - which should find it's way into every book that can only talk about the negative aspects of this card - LWB: "You can choose to plug yourself into a negative viewpoint, or to unplug yourself from one." YIKES! What a statement! I often have a hard time convincing querents that this card says the hurt is done and past and it's time to move on with your life. Also LWB:"The end of a bad situation." This does not mean you won't feel powerless at the time something stressful has happened, but that you can have the strength and abilty to get over it - with time and help, of course. It tells us that we don't have to be victims.