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This is the opening page to the Peanuts® Tarot deck site, if you haven't already seen it. It's a charming and fairly accurate Tarot. Subsequent pages detail the thinking that went into its creation.
The reason I bring it up here is because of those subsequent pages that the deck artist uses to explain why and how he made it. Often in these postings we see the germs of good ideas for Tarot decks. Here's a guy who not only had that germ, but the will to see it through into a finished item. (In this case, it's the more admirable, from a certain point of view, since he gets no material return from his effort.) For the insightful reader, there are several clues here about how one thinks about the deck Idea, and begins to turn it into objective reality.
(And if I'm being annoying, just say so and I'll shut up.)


That Hanged Man card is great!


Insomnia Turtle

Very cute. I am reminded of Scott McCloud's exercise invloving cut outs from Nancy.

Thanks for sharing!


This deck is cool! What I like, and what, as tarot creators we can take particular note of, is the way he has blended the traditional Rider Waite Smith style with the cartoon Peanuts style and he has done it so well! Even the darker cards (10 of Spades) are still reminisent of both styles.

I wonder how the artist went with Copywrite? It says there is none and they have not been published and are not for the purpose of making money...


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I would definitely buy the deck. Your use of the characters is very appropriate.

I saw your "disclaimer." Why would you not attempt to have this published?


Anyone here save the pictures from the site? I have about 60 of the card images saved (using the way back machine ) but not the entire deck... lost im the past for me... hoping some other tarot fiend has them saved...

Greg Stanton

Yeah, I'm having trouble getting the whole deck too...


Using the Wayback Machine and some date fiddling today, I've found all but the Lovers, the Ace of Wands and the Six of Spades... Anyone has those saved?


I tried the link last night and it didn't work for me and have just tried it again this morning with the same problem.

Am I the only one having this difficulty and why would that be?


Try entering the web address on this page and choose appropriate dates (the date of the first post of this thread should give you a clue... ;)).