The Sabian Symbols Oracle Study Group - 360 Degrees of Wisdom.


Welcome to the Sabian Symbols Oracle Discussion Group Thread!!

This is for all those who would like to learn, discuss and explore the Sabian Symbols as an oracle.

To start - there are no hard and fast rules here - just post your thoughts, your impressions, your discoveries!

Some suggestions:
:) The Meanings and Interpretations of the Sabian Symbols.
:) Your own Impressions of the Symbols.
:) Post your Draw: Daily, Weekly or Occassional Draws.
:) Ask questions about them.
:) Ways of making your own Symbols.
:) The Astrological Aspect - The Oracle Aspect.
:) How do you choose your Symbols.
:) Spread designs and Layouts.
:) Symbols and predictions.

Anything you can think about the Sabian Symbols! Share here!!

If you dont have a set of Symbols you can choose one from here:

What does the Symbol say to you! from Lynda Hill - 360 Degrees of Wisdom.

Many Blessings
Elven x


Thanks to Lynda's book that arrived this morning, and to a very kind person on this forum who sent me a set of cards I can participate. I am less than a neophyte, but interested. :)


Definitely interested although it will be a week before my book and cards arrive.

I couldn't believe they were actually available here in NZ . :D


Hi All,

I've been reading this thread with interest. Ever since I first heard about the Sabian Symbols in the thread about Elven & Helvetica's dreams I've been very curious. The sentences are so vivid and strike me as very powerful and I've enjoyed reading about your impressions of them here and in the daily draw thread you've started.

Anyway, I ordered the book and cards last night and hopefully they should be here in the next couple of days - can't wait to try them out. I have used the oracle on Lynda's website a couple of times but I find it difficult not having cards, the rhythmic sensation of shuffling seems to focus my mind better - and you can't beat a book :)

So hopefully, I will be joining in the fun soon!



Hey Pipistrelle,
Welcome!!! Thats great news you will be joining us. :) The more the Merrier!!!

The book is great, and the words, instead of picture, give you some excellent impressions.

Its great to have others also, on the threads, who also get so much out of them and I am learning so much!! I can now see all the different ways people describe and interpret the Symbols. That I have found amazing.

Look forward to your posts, nice to see you here. :)

Many blessings
Elven x


Thanks for the warm welcome Elven! Yes, I find the idea of an oracle just in words, not pictures, quite appealing. The few SS's I've read on here really do conjure up images in my mind quite quickly and that is quite a contrast with Tarot where you work with the images someone else has chosen (which is fine, if they're as lovely as the Druidcraft ones ;)) I liked what you said about word association as well - I love anything to do with words and language!

I've never had/used an oracle before so a little bit baffled about how different it will be to using a Tarot deck but I'm sure the book explains how to use it etc. In my mind I want to think that the process of choosing the cards should somehow be more intuitive than the process I use for Tarot (which is basically shuffle until I stop!) I don't know...I'll find out when they get here (tomorrow?!)

Will be back soon :)




I wanted to add also,

I pull a tarot card and a sabian symbol - usually off the internet and I cant tell you how many times its the SAME message, I have taken to doing this for all my readings personal and for others.. its like confirmation, when they are not the same there is usually a question answer thing happeneing.

I like Lynda Hills site for the Sabian Symbols and the OSHO site for the Tarot..




Hi All :)

I asked if I could post this as it was a reading from the Soul Gathering Oracle exchange reading group. I was reading for Chronata.

One of the answers to a question was:
Aries 8: A Womans Hat with Streamers Blown by the East wind.

Chronata said she identified with this Symbol immediately!

She has over 400 hats!!! :)

I laughed so hard!!! The Symbols have a great way of expressing themselves.

Many Blessings
Elven x


Lynda said:
The Symbol is Taurus 5: A Youthful Widow, Fresh and Soul Cleansed From Grief, Kneels at an Open Grave to Discover the Secret of Eternal Life.

Her husband had been generous enough to build a coffin for her! Her daughter was in hysterics, as you can probably imagine. The woman said that the coffin was stored in their garage and every time she drove in and out of the garage, she was confronted by her own coffin. I said “that’s very nice of him, why on earth did he do that?” She said it was to save money and added that he’d built one for himself, so their two coffins stood on end, side-by-side in her garage. Needless to say, she was brought face-to-face with her own mortality every time she saw the coffins."

ROFL!!!!! :)
Hahahha, I'd be really suspicious if someone made me a coffin for a present!
Great story Lynda. Thankyou - that made my night!

Elven x


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