The Tarot of Bones: A Natural History Themed Deck


Curious - why the turtle skull for the Knight of Swords? Typically the K of S moves quickly, turtles don't.


HudsonGray - Good question! That's the skull of a snapping turtle. While it'll never win races against a thoroughbred race horse, it can take a bite out of you faster than you realize. And because they don't have the best eyesight (though their sense of smell is excellent) they'll snap at anything that either seems like food or a threat. That sense of brashness, sometimes to the point of self-detriment, matches the energy I get from the Knight of Swords. And in this deck, the Swords are all about teeth and jaws, so a quick, bold bite is prized.


I'm baaaaack! Being away from my studio was *excruciating*, but I got right back to work, and today I'd like to unveil the Magician assemblage:

Also, for those in the Portland, OR area I'm having a Tarot of Bones party on Friday, April 10 from 6pm - 8pm. It'll be at Paxton Gate at 4204 North Mississippi Avenue. I'll be talking some about the project and inspiration, and I'll also have some of the assemblages on display. Plus we'll have background music by DJ Numinosis for your listening pleasure! More info at


Two more pieces, one Minor and one Major:

Two of Cups:
The Hermit:

Also, a brief note on the IndieGoGo campaign that starts next Tuesday--I had originally thought to do it as a fixed funding campaign; however, for various reasons I have opted for flex funding instead. I know flex funding can make people a bit leery. However, the campaign is NOT my only source of funding for this project; it's simply a way to raise the money I need for the materials faster so I can stay on track with my production schedule and give people a chance to get a really good preorder deal. So even if I don't raise the entire $5,000 I am asking for right now, I will still put what I make right into the Tarot of Bones, and keep making my updates here, on the Tarot of Bones website, and everywhere else I'm keeping people posted, with the end goal still to have the set out in Summer 2016.



You can find it at at

Here’s your chance to get THE best price for the Tarot of Bones deck and book set (due out Summer 2016), AND get lots of neat perks! What kinds of perks?

*A handmade (by me!) leather pouch for your Tarot of Bones deck
*Copies of my other books on paganism and nature spirituality
*Prints of select cards
*Original assemblage pieces used in the creation of the Tarot of Bones
*A thank you in the Tarot of Bones book and website
*Other perks to be revealed if we meet the goal of $5,000 and get into stretch goal territory

Plus you’ll be helping me acquire the rest of the materials I need to complete the card art as well as offset some of the other costs. While this isn’t my only source of funding, the campaign will help me stick to my production schedule for the project.

What is the Tarot of Bones? It is a natural history-themed divination set I am creating. I’m making 78 permanent assemblage pieces, one for each of the cards, featuring animal bones and other natural and reclaimed materials. These assemblages will then be photographed for the card art, and the deck will be released with a full-length companion book (not just the little white booklet). You can find out more about it and see photos of completed assemblage pieces at the official Tarot of Bones website.

And if you’re in the vicinity of Portland, OR, don’t forget about the Tarot of Bones party at Paxton Gate this Friday evening from 6pm - 8pm! You can see some of the assemblages on display, listen to me talk about the project, and sign up to back the IndieGoGo campaign! More information can be found at

For just $5 you can help make the Tarot of Bones a reality! And even if you can’t contribute, please reblog/reweet/share the IndieGoGo campaign so others have the opportunity to be a part of it all! And many, many thanks for your support and help :)


Great start! over half way to your goal already. Good luck, it looks like you have a fantastic campaign going.


Thank you! I'm really blown away at how well it's done, to the point that I'm mostly speechless. I had to take a few days away from the studio to vend at an event and get my art into three openings (yes, it was BUSY!), and deal with a hard drive crash in my main desktop, AND I got lung ick on top of it--but I'm back in the studio (coughing and all) and working on the next couple of assemblages, so I should be posting those in the next couple of days.

Tarot Orat

This is a great concept and beautifully executed. Bookmarked the fundraiser page...I'll be sending people there!