The Tarot of Vampyres - Daughter of Grails


This female vampyre in black is sitting on a small rock right next to a small river. Her two feet are both in the water and she's holding a cup in her right hand. The cup seems empty and it's possible she poured some blood into the river. She bears a wreath of flowers in her hair, I don't recognize the flowers, that could represent her position of princess. She bears a bracelet on her left wrist and it looks like a snake, the grails animal. Behind her there is deep forest and the river continues in the back. With her two feet in the water, I'd say she is connected to the emotional side deeply. At the same time she is sitting on a rock and rooted to earth, after all the Daughter of Cups is earth of water.

The Tarot of Vampyres is inspired by the Thoth Tarot so this card is the Daughter of Cups in the Thoth Tarot and the Page of Cups in the RWS.


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