The Tarot of Vampyres - Ten of Scepters


Someone has pierced this female vampyre with her own scepter, put her in some hole underground filled with thorny roots that are compressing her. She has wounds on her arms and back and she is bleeding, she looks like she's trying to get rid the scepter from her chest, but is there enough space for that? I'm not sure she could pull it off. There are red berries at the bottom right of the card. She obviously either underestimated the situation she was in and thought she could handle more than she would or overestimated herself or both.

The saturn symbol is on the mask on the top right and the sagitarius symbol is on her back. I mention this because Ten of Wands is saturn in sagitarius.

I want to point that since the deck is heavily inspired by the Thoth, the keyword for this card is OPPRESSION.


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