The Wild Unknown Tarot - III Pentacles


The three pentacles in different colored circles are interconnected, showing the unity and strength provided by the number 3. I interpret the red as physical strength or passion, the blue as emotion, and the yellow as intellect. But the colors of the connecting sticks/wands morph as they meld into the next color (red to blue becomes purple, blue to yellow becomes green, red to yellow becomes orange).

It's interesting that there are wands in this pentacles card, perhaps indicating the creativity and resourcefulness needed to climb the mountain together. The colors tell me that the full spectrum of skills, abilities, qualities, and traits are needed to be successful.

The mountain is steep and foreboding, and the weather looks a bit treacherous. But the energy of the three pentacles virtually glows, indicating that they're up for the task ahead. They exude confidence and solidarity.

I love this reading of the card!


Maybe a silly idea, but the mountain seemed to me like a sheet hidding something. What could be hidden under the sheet?
And the background? Must be raining? A bad weather to climb a mountain.

I also thought that the mountain looked unusual. I like the idea of it being covered with a sheet.

My intuitive reading of it was that it looks snowy and slippery & therefore will be easy to slide down

but luckily there are the skills or tools (pentacles) to fall back on, and use for the next climb.