The Wild Unknown Tarot - IV Pentacles


Oooo, that's an interesting way of looking at the card, Erizae. And those are excellent points about the strings binding the Pentacles and keeping them in place, as well as observing the difference between the shaded area outside the Pentacles and the white area contained within their formation. I also think it's noteworthy how the lines are moving toward (or away from) the formation, or forming a giant X across them. There's quite a lot going on here!


Hello, this is my first post in here :)

I just got my deck on Friday, and while doing a relationship reading just now I drew IV Pentacles. Reading all the posts here has given me new ideas about how to interpret the card, but when I looked at the description of the card from the provided "cheat sheet" (which said /possession, control/), I noticed that the strings, while pretty, appeared to bind the Pentacles/coins and hold them in place. The shaded area would be the outside world, while within the Pentacles is a space made by the arranger, one's own world so as to speak.

Also, control can be felt just from the presence of the strings. The strings make the formation look orderly and neat, but they also restrict the Pentacles/coins from moving where they please.

Just my interpretation anyway.. I hope it helps! ><

I agree wholeheartedly with this reading. The binding nature of the strings or ropes is one of the first things I noticed about this card. While the worldly possessions the pentacles represent may provide security and stability, we can become trapped within the desire for them if we make them the center of our world.


I see the outer lines as pulling the pentacles in different directions and pulling the colored threads taut. The blurry nature of the colors looks like fraying cord from the tension being placed on the cords. The blurring is thicker around each pentacle where the pentacles would rub against the taut cords. It feels like the Universe is asking to share but something is holding on tightly to the point of "injury"


The insights in this thread have been so helpful, especially this one.
Cogs of a well oiled machine. If any of this pentacles spins the others move as well. Efficient and organized movement. Makes me think of elegant body motion, like tai-chi or yoga...

I got this card in a recent reading and what the guidebook says didn't resonate with me in terms of the subject of my reading, so I was kind of stumped until I found this thread. I adore TWU but I'm finding the imagery in the geometric design type of images much harder for me to interpret than the ones with animal figures. Then again I'm a newbie so I still have a lot to learn!