The Wild Unknown Tarot: study group & discussion

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This is the discussion thread for The Wild Unknown Tarot. Those who want to study the deck can chat about the study group, how they want to study, or when they plan on doing so, here.

Also, here's the link to The Wild Unknown Tarot thread in Tarot Decks.


With the exception of chosing to start with the Fool, I've been doing a random "card a day" study (since I'm basically starting over with tarot anyway). I'm sure I can handle a little more.

I'm completely new to how an online study would work, but once I get the flow of it, I'd love to join in :) ! Oh, no immediate plans to get the book.... maybe sometime down the road though...



I have ordered the book and hope to get it this coming week. I am also looking forward to this study thread, but never 'started' one and so I hesitate to start this one here. I will wait and see how everyone else wishes to pursue the study--I'm open to either starting from a specific point (the fool and going through all the majors for example, then the suits) or just randomly drawing a card and moving on from there. Looking forward to it.


I've started an index thread for this study group HERE (click).

Please let me know by PM when a new thread is started in this group so that I can add a link to the new thread to the index.

Thanks :).

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I 've had the deck for about a month and the guide just arrived today. I'm all set and looking very forward to discovering with you all!


Do you think the book is necessary to study with you all? I can't decide if I should buy it or not. I'm looking forward to learning more about the deck.


No, I think you'd be fine without it. I'm not sad that I bought it, but the information inside is pretty basic.


I'd like to join in. I like the simplicity that still makes me think!

I'm not planning on getting a book. Other studiers will fill us in if it has something very interesting to say!


I'm not going to get the book either. I think we can get along fine without it. I usually get a lot more from discussion anyway.


Mine arrived today, at last! But I won't have time until tomorrow to look at them.