The Wild Unknown Tarot - The Hierophant V


Kim's keywords for this card are "Mentor, Seeking Knowledge".

This card always comes up for me for my alternative therapist! I know the Hierophant can represent that and a spiritual guru or advisor and maybe even a life coach but normally with RWS it doesn't show that in my readings. I think this non traditional version of the card (which I really like), allows you to see any teachers or mentors.

I think we need to rethink our view of the RWS version though, perhaps we are put off by the religious or traditional iconography but really it can be anyone who gives us wisdom and knowledge, who is the Hierophant who provides the wisdom that is the key to the problem or situation? sometimes that is even ourselves. This version of the card allows the freedom to really think about this. I do love the Crow, big old key and rainbow lightning strike! This is a very easy card for me to read and connect with.


Mentors and Spiritual Communities

I have read many excellent experiences of the Hierophant card here. It is evident that many of us have thought deeply on these things.

I don't typically like decks that illustrate the Hierophant as a Pope or some other religious figure BUT my way of interpreting the Hierophant is off the beaten path a bit. While I do feel that it can represent traditional religious structures and even tradition in general, I tend to look at the Hierophant as a spiritual advisor or mentor. I also look at the Hierophant as a sign that it is time to gather together with other spiritually like-minded individuals for support of my own (or my clients) spiritual process.

The bird on the card has been sprinkled generously through many cultural mythos. One that stands out to me is the bird being representative of sacred law. When we hear it's caw, it is time to look at what we are putting out into the universe, recognizing that the seeds we water will bloom into something, good or bad. The key the bird is holding unlocks the door to great mystery and it's open beak would seem to imply that it is willing to share...if we are willing to listen.