The Wild Unknown Tarot - The World XXI


The World - Wild unknown

Hi - and thanks for all the insight. This card runs so deep and wide, there is so much to see/be in this vision of wholeness, completeness and freedom. There is a sense in this image of lack of limitation, that change is inevitable and cycles are part of it.

There have been many great comments about the snakeskin layer on the circle symbol and I love that. Before I read all of your great insights, I had the idea that that layer reminded me of a Torus - a shape in sacred geometry that mirrors the shape of the earth, the universe, and the human heart. The torus is said to be the result of vortexes forming, that it is what enables vortexes to form. ( and (

In my Sacred Geometry Oracle deck by Francene Hart, it states that the Torus connects us to energy fields of the earth, and our heart connection to her.

The World, being a symbol of inner wholeness, allows us a chance to connect deeply into the knowing of Mother Earth, being one with her power and her life force - so that whatever we deeply desire must be in alignment with her, and the highest good. Wholeness means allowing what is and being in the flow with life and the Divine. As the Final card in the Major Arcana, I see the World as a sign that our inner work is working! That parts of ourself are finally coming home, that our awareness of our shadow sides and our negative thought forms is generating a powerful vortex within us! Our true natures are emerging on all levels of our being - physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual. This is a card that says YES to your growth, awareness and learning, and that you are moving to new levels of consciousness.


The WOrld - Wild unknown

Whoa, Someone mentioned the "piano" symbolism on the outside of the ring.
and i found this
- a depiction of the color of the tones on a keyboard.
This world is singing a celestial song - sound being the first element of creation
I find this symbol also looks like a chakra -


I think you are all right! In a way, The Wild Unknown is classic tarot: What you see, is who you are.