Timing (not looking for exchanges)


Readings start May 23rd and Ends on May 31st.

I don't do readings on Saturday, Sunday, or Mondays.

I'll be using the Months & season cards of the tea leaf oracle....with the Lenormand.

1 Card is from tea leaf
1 Card is from Lenormand

I'll be using this lenormand timing.....

I'll also be using Tarot...
Star card for Yes
Hang Man for no

What to expect of the reading...

You ask a yes or no question. I will pull the star or hangman. That will indicate if it will happen/a yes.

If you get a yes I will then pull a lenormand card and Tea leaf oracle card to time when it will happen.

Since a tarot card determines if the oracle deck with be used.. I figure this should be posted in Tarot because the divination focal is tarot. But, If wrong place the moderators will move it.

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2. amaya1 *completed*
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Can I ask will my ex AP contact me by next Month?


Ahhhhh wonderful!!! I would like to sit and ask will i have a love relationship with Ab soon?


mahafrins Added....I'll be asking the question you asked but without the 'month part" If cool with that welcome.


Hi Cosmic

Thanks for offering these....so fascinating and great way to learn, I'll be watching this thread.
I'd like to sit---will I find employment soon?



can i ask will be possible a relationship for me and T and when?



When im changing my job?



Hey, may i sit please?

I would like to know when i will get a new job?


Hi CB :) Thanks for doing these - I find timing questions some of the hardest .....

Could you tell me whether we (TB and I ) will get a chance to talk in private ?


hello cosmicbeing~! May I sit and ask for a reading on "will I get/craft/create my dream freelancer job in my new country ... and if yes, then when?"

I phrased it as "get/craft/create" because what I want is very rare in my country, where most people want the steady salary and working as an employee. But I want the freedom of freelancing as a lawyer here and I don't want to work a regular 9-5 (which usually here becomes 9 am to 10 pm ugh). I'm happy to rephrase if that is too complicated~

Thank you!