to all you deck creators here,


i wanted to say thanks for creating all this fantastic art, i am no artist in any way, but i do love art. that's why i sort of collect decks. almost all decks i have seen here posted i like, so go and publish your cards and feed my collection ???

a silent admirer.......


Motivation Power!

That’s what I need

Thanks Kaz! :*

I’m working on a new deck but I’m finding it hard to make the time, which is such a big lie as I have soooooo much time.

I’ve got all my idea’s etc and how I want my cards to look, done all the research, brainstorming…….I’ve done it.

But the main thing is that I have started :)

So I would practice what I preach and stop thinking to much and just do do do ………..hey and then I will have my completed deck.

So I promise to enjoy putting 100% in and I’ll keep you posted.

Come on creators we can do it



Good luck acidguru! Just stick to it, and keep thinking and improving on cards, even the ones you already have scetches for. That keeps it interesting. :)

Also: Thanks Kaz, I'm working on it.


good luck to you acidguru and your deck. also, i'd just like to say that its good to know that ther are people who appreciate the time and effort of others via their admiration of their cards. :)


Thanks Kaz!!! :D:*

I know exactly how you feel AcidGuru - it seems like such a huge task when you are at the beginning of it, doesn't it!

*Kayne is determined to use his next holidays to work on and complete his Majors (even if it is just to keep Liliana happy :p) *


It's a lot of work...but I'm finding it kinda's always a moral booster when you print some up and cut them out. Having some of the finished product is really rewarding. ^_^