*Touchstone Tarot* 5 of Coins


Typically I've found the 5 of Coins in most decks to be depressing :( and sad. Certainly the 5 of Coins isn't a card you want to see appear, as it has hardship tied up in its meaning.

With this 5 of Coins two beggar children stand outside the church. One appears to be in deep focus and awe of the colorful stained glass window. As bright as it is there are probably people inside the church, a service going on. He holds a green cloth and his face is illuminated by the window.
His friend has a protective or maybe even a warning hand on his shoulder and appears a little wary and startled. Almost as though you've just walked up and he's about to urge the other boy it's time to leave now. Of the two this boy is bigger and stronger, the other boy's protector.

I see friendship in this card, and that's one positive aspect that can be gleaned from the 5 of Coins. These two children aren't well off, but they aren't alone. They have eachother to depend on and lean on. In tough times you learn who your real friends are, you learn who you can depend on and who is willing to let you be needy. During the trials of the 5 of Coins friendship becomes important and is something of value that perhaps you haven't appreciated before.

Any thoughts on what the vibrant green cloth in the smaller boy's arms is? It's really noticeable in contrast to the dullness of the children's clothes.


I love what you have said about this usually depressing card. (Not one of my favourites, but one that I seem to get a lot!)

I think that the green cloth the small boy is holding symbolises Hope.

Hope of better times to come.

The small child seems to want to go into the church and ask for help, but the older/taller child seems to want them to move on perhaps not wanting to ask for help.

They have each other and are sticking together through the bad times.


5 of coins


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