Touchstone Tarot~Page of Coins


This young man looks every inch the scholar.
He is hard working and ambitious.
He is eager to learn all that he can and is keen to get started on his path to success.

I do think though that he looks very serious for one so young!


I think he is the student of the other two "teachers" in this suit, the 2 of Coins and the 8 of Coins. I think this page embodies the essence of the Page of Pentacles/Coins in that he does appear to be very serious and studious, "nerdy" even. The persuit of knowledge is important and commendable, but it is also important to realize that there are some things you can't learn from books, and that how you relate to people is important as well.
Perhaps this Page needs to a lighten up a little, and not take himself or life so seriously. Any thoughts on the clasped hands and writing on the board behind him?


Page of coins


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