Touchstone Tarot~Seven of Wands


The man in the seven of wands looks to be under attack.
He looks vulnerable, standing on his own ready to face what appears to be overwhelming odds.
The man is not afraid to defend himself though, and is making a stand.


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To go off of what you said Stargazer I also think the man is literally putting up his defenses. To me it looks as though he is building a fence or barrier of some sort. He has the wand in his hand and is getting ready to plunge it into the earth to stand upright against his enemies!

The 7 of Wands is about being on the defense, and to this I think it is also about putting about barriers, shutting yourself off from others and the world out of fear and suspicion.

The 7 of Wands asks the question, are those fears warranted? Perhaps you are being paranoid. When erecting barriers take care not to isolate yourself and do yourself more harm than good!