Touchstone Tarot~Eight of Wands


The lady in this card looks as if she has been taken by surprise!
She’s sitting there, minding her own business and enjoying this lovely day, when suddenly all hell breaks loose!
All those wands flying through the air and heading in her direction!
She certainly wasn’t expecting that!


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Yes, I do think this card is inspired rather than the usual 8 wands flying to who knows where! The 8 of Wands can certainly signify ideas and events taking you by surprise!

To me the wands feel like the woman's ideas and inspirations taking flight. She is outside surrounded by nature and the beautiful scenery and perhaps has thought up a new line of poetry or something.

Or, she has just recieved a message and holds it in her hand as she contemplates all of the possibilities opening up to her and ponders what to do next.

There are so many possibilities with this card!