Touchstone Tarot~The Knight of Wands


This Knights world is one of excitement and adventure.
He’s not a one to sit around waiting for things to happen.
He is charming and daring and is not afraid to take a risk or two.
He can sometimes be a bit cocky though, and I feel that patience isn’t one of his virtues! :D


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To me this Knight and the Knight of Coins look like they are related, perhaps brothers. This Knight has a more feminine air about him than most Knight Wands, I like that he appears to be a little more gentle this way. While he isn't afraid to take a chance and make things happen he is also a likeable guy and people can relate to him!
I wonder if the little statuette to his left is a trophy of some kind, perhaps he is a skilled hunter. Does anyone have the symbolism of the Stag handy?