Touchstone Tarot- The Chariot

morticia monroe

What a magnificent Chariot card!

This woman is in control. She gives off a vibe of confidence, capability, and intelligence. Her beautiful helmet has a red stone on her third eye chakra that I take to be a ruby, the symbol of one's rise from martyrdom. She looks well equipped to do battle and the wings on her helmet and her hair seem to indicate that she is in motion.

The Chariot to me can often mean what I call "paddling your own canoe". Taking charge of your own affairs and being the master of your own destiny. In a reading, I can see this as a reminder to "take the reigns" in ones life, other times it warns you to keep things under control.

A charioteer can do battle alone or in battle alongside other chariots. There is a need to know when to join with others and when to do your own thing. There is also a good deal of decision making here, deciding where to direct yourself. The Chariot requires discipline, strength, and care, but also involves a measure of adventure to me.


I was taken first with well...her. She's so strong and self posessed.

Then I notices the "wings" on her head piece, like an angel's wings, her pearls which symbolize purity and spiritual awakening. (they also, in my mind, symbolize eternity.) I also noticed a white bird (a dove?) coming down from the clouds.

She is strong in her convictions, pure and well-defended by the look of her armor.

Imo, she is one who will fight for what she believes; she has the strength of her convictions, and the "armor" to hold up against those who would disagree.

I really don't think she'd lose any fight she put her mind to. In fact, from the look in her eyes, she's already fought some hard battles, but she's still here and still strong.