The Touchstone Tarot Study Group


I absolutely love The Touchstone Tarot and was wondering if anyone is interested it starting a study group?

flying black kat

still hanging

Dear Stargazer:

Yes, I will join.

Enjoy your day


All Is One

I'm In....Count Me In!

I think this thread just started the study group, did it not?

I read the rules and as I said....this is new to me!

Mods.....feel free to scoot us around if we're doing this wrong. We know that you will be gentle.

As I said, Count Me In!!!!


OK AIO talked me in to at least trying. :p I'll pop in from time to time, but don't count on me. LOL I really don't know if I'm going to have the time, but really love this deck. So I want to try. :)

All Is One

Not Much Book Study On This One

Yay, faunabay! I've seen you loving the deck like I do, and I'm not committing to anything too heavy here....

after all, I love the TT and I use it ....

And the book is not even written yet.

So how much reading is involved?


Looks like a fun study group to me!

Thanks to Stargazer for starting it.


Hi all and thanks for your support.

I’m sure we will all have fun studying this wonderful deck.
It doesn’t have to be anything too intense as we all have busy lives.
Just pop in when you have time. ;)

What card would you like to start off with?

All Is One

I think someone asked for the Happy Squirrel Card.

(It was not me....)

Or I'd be happy with any card at all!


Well, now that there are at least four of us interested, I have pm’d Sulis to let her know that we would like to start a new study group.
Hopefully it will be glued to the study group index and all we need to do is start a new thread with the deck title and card name we intend to study/ discus; example
And we are away!

I am off to work now (night shift) so will be back soon. ;)

All Is One

Great! Off we go. I'll wait to see what other people have to say and where this thing lands....

But I am going to go sneak out the HS card for a look....


Please include me in this study group. :) I love :heart: the Touchstone!