Touchstone Tarot- The Tower

morticia monroe

The tower's on fire, and it looks like there's going to be a change in the royal lineup.

A young man and woman grieve for their beloved Prince, who sleeps in that tower. Has he perished? Did he escape? And is that a demon in the sky, or a dragon? Was this intentional or an accident? What will King and Country do now?

Tower moments rarely if ever seem like good things. At least not when they're happening to you. It all just falls apart for a moment or a while and there are some major questions to be answered and decisions to be made. At other times, there is nothing you can do.

But just as the country will find another Sovereign, you will find a way to go on, and oftentimes find that your tower's destruction was actually a blessing in disguise.


Touchstone Tarot - XVI The Tower

Copied and pasted here is part of my blog for today.
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For today I've used the Touchstone Tarot, fanned it out, and drawn a card. The card I drew was XVI The Tower.

By an extraordinary synchronicity The Tower card has been on my mind all afternoon, since it appeared in a significant position in a reading I did for an old friend about 8 hours ago.

The mighty can fall. No riches can protect us from the hand of fate. The devil has been inside that tower, and he is glimpsed through the smoke flying away from the inferno inside. I suspect the devil lit that fire.

But the walls of that tower are solid stone, and insurance will surely cover a re-vamp inside. No-one was physically harmed in the fire, but their prestige has been given a shake-up, given that the crown has become a bit askew.