Touchstone ~ Two of Cups


Above the couple hang two coat of arms/shields. Between these two shields hang an upside down caduceus. Do the shields represent the two families of this man and woman? Does the caduceus imply there is a rift between these two families that needs healing, and if so, are these two people a possible way to heal this rift with their partnership? There seems to be a contract of sorts on the table in front of them, perhaps sealing their partnership (or is it a prenup?). The man seems devoted to the woman, staring at her intently and offering her a rose. The woman seems to be distracted by something else. I wonder what that little smile on her face means? Is she as committed to this partnership as the man?


No one else has any observations about this card? :(


I think she is saying to herself:

"Oh My God!!! FINALLY!!!Could this really be the one??? I feel I really do love
him...I feel like THIS IS IT...people!!!"

and: "Ohhhh...he is so cute too!" and: "YES, YES, YES...I do...I mean I will!"

That is what her look is telling me...she is trying to keep herself calm...but
underneath that look of hers, I think she is very excited about him.

And he is so into her, as you said bodhran. Plus, does she have the look of a
virgin?...the look of innocence and maybe surprise?

This is a very sweet, special, loving card.

bodhran...your take on the two shields hanging and the upside down caduceus
is just good insight!:thumbsup: Also your take on the "prenump":laugh:

Don't forget they are about to drink some wine (?) from those two cups to seal the deal.


tarotlyn said:
That is what her look is telling me...she is trying to keep herself calm...but underneath that look of hers, I think she is very excited about him.
Yes, she has a look like a cat about to eat the canary! :D She does seem very pleased and excited with this arrangement!


I agree, she looks like she is giving us "that look" you know, like "Oooo! Oh my!" I'd say she definitely knows what she is up to.
Isn't there a caduceus in the traditional RWS 2 Cups as well? Though not upside down of course.
I don't know what to think about that, I think your suggestion Bodhran is better than anything I could come up with!
Perhaps it is a prenup, HER prenup! She has so many jewels on and he's giving her a simple flower and not another jewel. Perhaps she is the one with all the status and money!


To me it looks as if he has just laid his heart before her and she has just taken a deep breath and is asking herself if he is really the one she wants to let into her life.

Templar Girl

Hi Chaps
I do not think I really have any thing new to add, agree with all that has been said about the couple's relationship.

In alchemy the cadeceus can be represented either right way up, upside down or horizontal.
Many correspondances with the cadeceus, alchemy, swan's, pineal gland, kundalini, staff of hermes/mercury, coils of snakes representing paths on the Tree of Life, Tree of Knowledge etc. Additionally it is associated with Hieros Gamos or Hierogamy, which is related to sacred sex/kundalini. Now I know why she has a twinkle in her eye. The cadeceus also resembles DNA, so certainly food for thought there.
Upside down the cadeceus looks like a lemniscate/figure eight, so perhaps this suggests a further dimension to their relationship.


Every time I look at this card I think God, her hair what a fright! Looking at her blouse!
In a time when anyone worth notice was immaculately if not over dressed, there is something very rough and tumble about her appearance.

I agree with what others have said that he does seem to be totally besotted with her.
But, men and woman troughout the ages have pledged all sorts of undying love and affection when there is a fortune to be had!

Is she already married I wonder and this is an affair?
Maybe he is the one who is married and she is his mistress?

Just a thought, maybe those documents on the table are divorce papers.
Is she not yet free to marry her new young man? Meaning is she waiting for her divorce to come through so that she can marry the man of her dreams.


..sorry but why so negative? This is upright? right?

I see the look of surprise and innocence on her face and love in her eyes.
My opinion and I guess you are just seeing this card reversed?

Not one line you just said has anything positive in it. The two of cups is a very positive card.

Nothing personal...but...
ETA: The 2 of Cups does "not" talk about divorce (?) it talks about finding
"committed" love and about "falling in love"...nothing negative at all.

I know it is just a piece a paper so what we see is coming from our
subconscious mind? right? A tarot card might very well be the mirror of our soul.



I don't know :(

Usually I love the 2 of cups and see it as a really positive card in a relationship, but with this one I see more of a tangled web.

I do see the potential for a close relationship, but not so clear-cut as usual as if there is another involved.

I am not usually a cynic so I don't know why I feel that this card isn't the sunshine and roses I see in other decks.

Maybe I am reading in reversals today after all! :D