Many, myself included, see the permanent closure of AT as a real 'Tower' moment. It's interesting to me the various reactions, again myself included. Has anyone done a reading on this? I did a reading the morning of, before i heard the news. Here's what I got:
High Priestess, Tower, World.
In the deck I'm using, the High Priestess is looking to her left. In the reading style I use, I always put another card (if there isn't one there already) to show what a card is looking at. In this case it was the Death card. So in essence, the High Priestess (male or female, we are all the High Priestess here) and we are looking at 'Death' (the end - the Closing Permanently). The 'Tower' is the (and I think most will agree) moment of expulsion. And the World, of course, is stepping into something new. I'm not asking for help with this reading as it works perfectly for me... But what I'd like to know is whether anyone else did a reading before or after the event. Anyone?


Well, in my weekly Tarot reading the Tower came up...In my weekly Lenormand reading the Coffin showed up.
And for today (I just saw this announcement) the Wheel, which I see as a sudden change of circumstances, something unexpected.


I had been seeing the Death card cycling through my readings for about a week. I have a beloved sister with leukemia and I've lost a lot of friends and family over the past few years, so whenever Death starts regularly appearing, it makes me nervous. Thankfully, the closing of this forum is what was meant, I'm sure.

I've started seeing the Tower again, too, and every time that's happened in the past, I've shortly "moved house" again, as the Brits put it. Thank goodness that hasn't been the case this time. I just moved house again in January. I really do NOT like moving. This time I think I'm good for awhile.


As a matter of fact, I'd also had the Tower for a few past weeks now. This week, I had it with the High Priestess and the Knight of Wands (I do a 3 card draw once a week).

However, there's been quite a few other things going on that could easily reflect those cards it isn't just losing AT; I would quite like things to settle down!

I would say that AT closing its metaphorical doors does seem as if I've lost a 'warm safe place' admist the real life chaos! So, yes, truly a Tower moment on every level!


My daily card picked on Saturday before I found out that AT was closing was The World, I was expecting quite a nice day! But it was the end of a cycle announcement.

I think it was a Tower announcement, the shock and the foundations of the community pulled for all of us, no one was expecting it. It does lead to Death though, we are forced to end a cycle and renew!

I hope these big end of cycle cards, lead to something good and new for all of us, we take this moment and we are inspired to carry on with the spirit of AT and new things and sites will help us continue :) We have to heal from this and eventually we will move on.


Hi all! Thanks for responding to my query... I'm rather surprised that there haven't been more readings done on this topic though. After all, we ARE a Tarot community.... (?)


Ahhh... I did find this post written by thirteen, and I really hope she doesn't mind my quoting it here:

"Well, not so strangely, UTC's been inundated with questions about the Tower/Death card popping up all last month. So...I think everyone saw it coming, they just didn't imagine that the message was about AT and not them.

And isn't that the Tower, after all? Even a reader who knows it's coming is still shocked when it happens. Because even thought they knew they were going to be shocked, they didn't know by what.

One very ominous thread said (paraphrasing) "have you ever interpreted the tower as tearing it all down and starting fresh?" I that that pretty well saw what was coming.". SO I STAND CORRECTED! Best to all! Eva