Transits for a stable relationship


I do hope that everything will go well for your wife :)

Thank you SO MUCH for all these explanations Minderwiz! I am still puzzled by the whole house system that you used (since I feel SO much like having a sun in the 12th house because I relate to this placement since I like solitude, privacy, I am dreamy, like to help people and I am not very much confident in myself. Also, Venus conjunct my Ascendant in the first (but the second house with your system), and I have been told all my life that I look nice, that I am charming and I know that I like to help people (I do some voluntary since years)).

The twelfth is the worst placement in the entire chart. It's associated with sorrow and grief, not the sort of place that you want your Sun. Being dreamy is an attempt to impose a Neptune and Pisces (modern version) overlay and add romance to a place that is not configured by aspect to the Ascendant. For 'Dreaminess' I'd look to the Moon and possibly Venus.

Venus in the second is a good placement for your financial situation (Venus has significance for business and trade).

After posting my Horary chart an hour ago, I started reading about it for the firs time of my life over the Internet! Very interesting stuff. Feel free to look at my chart (other post) when you will have time.[/QUOTE]

I had a quick look at your attempt - it's impressive for a first attempt. You'll probably find horary a good branch to practice because being a professional Tarot reader will give you a feel for questions and the way of answering them.