True Black Tarot: Humanity as artifacts of our beliefs





A huge update today!

I "finished" these a few weeks ago, but I like to let cards sit around so I can see how I feel about them over time, and I made a few changes in the intervening days. I believe I had posted Justice here before, but I edited the sun behind her to be far brighter, and more "blinding".

I also finished the 30th and final card before starting my sample print run today, but I'll post that in a few days' time, again, just to make sure I can make some edits if I see changes need to be made. A few days will give you fresh eyes!


Beautiful as always! I love the mysterious wanderer feel of the Hermit and how he is using both his eyes and the eye of his necklace to see.

The veil you have used on Justice to "blind" him is a brilliant touch, I was wondering how you would choose to portray that :D I also like that feeling of strength that comes across yet he holds his sword of truth and the scales of balance with such a delicate, light touch, suggesting that while he has physical strength he doesn't need it to do his job :D



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