Tyldwick - King of Coins


The King of Coins is elementally "Air of Earth." What do you get when you add air (think space) to something solid? I imagine digging a hole in the soil that allows a tree to be planted, or shaping a bowl from clay that can be used to hold food. Likewise, this King likes for things to be useful and have a purpose. But he's not a practical prude - check out that salt shaker and pepper grinder on the desk. He loves what is beautiful, comfortable and sensual. Like the spices, these things have a purpose for him in that they bring pleasure and enjoyment to life. He's a generous soul, but he believes in the saying: "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime." He'd much rather help you start a business instead of just handing you the money. The two large pots of bamboo are full of symbolism, the most immediate being their lush growth and the material/financial success of this man. Yet bamboo is hollow inside, indicating the airy nature of the King of Coins. He is very resourceful, and he likes to stay open to developing new resources and using the others in new, innovative ways. He is a thinker as much as a builder, which explains how he has accomplished so much. The black and white tiles on the floor show him to be as much a strategist as a chess master. On the floor are three balls or spheres; perhaps they represent dominion over the earth or are like cells that split and reproduce. But what about the chimp on the chest? These primates have way more strength than humans, but we have finer motor skills and a more advanced brain. Researchers at Cornell believe we evolved in these areas because of a change in eating (probably due to climate change). So it is possible man's appetite set him on the road to dominance of this planet. Let's just hope the King of Coins' appetite doesn't turn out to be as destructive as we humans have been.


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