Tyldwick - Knight of Coins


In this card is a representation of the Knight of Coins, elementally "fire of earth." I am reminded of a seed that sprouts because the soil begins to warm. The Fire element can be seen in the fireplace and the salamanders (Paracelsus - 1493 to 1541- suggested that the salamander was the elemental of fire). The Earth element is expressed in the landscape painting behind the portrait and the tortoises on the base of the vases. Two other animals are evident in this card: dragons and horses. Dragons symbolize a primordial power and are known for guarding treasures. These traits are seen in the knight as he guards and takes care of his resources. This is a guy who would never miss an oil change or postpone a checkup at the doctor. The horses also symbolize power, but because they have been domesticated, they represent the ability to harness and use such strength. This Knight knows how to have staying power because he keeps himself in check and focuses on the task at hand. Like the other knights, the Knight of Coins has a clock on the mantel too, but unlike the others, his clock shows day/night phases. Here is where he takes a sharp turn away from his fellow knights. He isn't impulsive because he moves with the seasons and cycles instead of minutes and hours. He knows there is a proper procedure and order of doing things, and these can't be rushed. He is infinitely more patient and precise than the other knights, and he measures progress not by time but by steps taken toward the goal. You can bet this guy will finish the job (slow but steady like the tortoise), but don't expect any spontaneity out of him.


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