Tyldwick - Eight of Coins


“I need solitude for my writing; not 'like a hermit' - that wouldn't be enough - but like a dead man.”
― Franz Kafka
When I first had a look at this card, I felt like I was inside a room looking out a peephole. The eight faceted jewels suggest we are perfecting a craft or in the process of some sort of development. And as Kafka states, we need the solitude to do so. The distractions of other people, social dramas or happenings, and the "shoulds" can keep us from concentrating on what is at hand. We must manage our resources carefully, which includes our time. The painting in the peephole is from "The Très Riches Heures," a medieval book of hours commissioned by the Duke of Berry. A book of hours is a prayer book containing appropriate prayers for specific hours of the day, days of the week, months, and seasons. It seems harsh to strictly set aside portions of the day for certain undertakings, but it is such discipline that can help us complete a course of study or achieve a level of mastery. We learn the value of consistency and perseverance rather than just making sporadic efforts. The only downside to this card is that we may come to enjoy our isolation so much, we don't want to be around others at all. But then, what would be the purpose of our developing our skills?


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Peephole - fantastic! It also resonates with the focus theme of the Eight of Coins.