Tyldwick - Seven of Coins


A rake leans against a garden wall from which a Bacchus water spout flows. All around are fall colors, and weeds seem to have gotten the upper hand as the season progressed. Yet the frame containing seven gold coins (in the shape of the alchemical symbol for the sun) suggest there has been a return on my investment. The Bacchus head that decorates the fountain is a callback to a Liber, an ancient Italian god of fertility and growth who later became equated with Bacchus. The rake reminds me of the autumn clean-up I generally do this time of year in my own garden. While sprucing up, I can assess what I did right, what I did wrong, and how I might improve next year. For instance, in one flower bed I planted seeds, but I learned I planted them too late in the year. They sprouted but never bloomed. My other flower bed is filled with wildflowers, and while they grew like weeds, they only produced a few blooms. We had massive amounts of rain (very unusual for us) which probably affected the flower production. And while I can't control the weather, I can prune back some shrubs to let in more light next year. Sevens allow us a chance to analyze and evaluate. They give us a chance to make different choices that could bring change. What obstacles or challenges did I run across, and how did I handle them? What areas show positive growth? Was I able to keep up with this expansion? How was my timing? Do I want to continue what I'm doing, or is it time for a complete overhaul? Before I become more deeply involved and invest more time, energy and money, I need to "pause for the cause."


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