Tyldwick - King of Cups


The King of Cups is elementally Air of Water. The window and eagles (on the vases) show his association with air, and the swans and clouds represent a combination of both elements. His gift is being able to maintain his composure and detachment while in the middle of emotional dramas. Like the swan that floats atop the water instead of sinking down into it, he can see with clarity what is going on in a situation without being blinded by all the emotional muck. On the table by the window is a hurricane lamp, and it reminds me of a lighthouse in a storm. It is his light that can shine through all the chaos and help keep relationships, groups, businesses, etc. intact without being smashed on the rocks, if they'll listen to his suggestions. Yet there are times when this king becomes more eagle than swan; he rises on the air currents far above his other element of water. Here he may become completely detached with his heart closed, and he may come across as clinical, cold and uncaring. If that's the case, a little rain weighing down his feathers should remind him of his own humanity.



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swimming in tarot

There appear to be bouquets of fresh white lilies on either side of the table. I did a quick google search, and found that there is indeed a masculine interpretation for them, not just feminine--high eroticism, because of the long pistil suggesting a phallus, and the free-falling pollen, fertility (thank you, whats-your-sign.com). I also read that the King of Cups is supposed to have male and female qualities in balance. Someone who knows better, please correct me. The lilies are also no doubt fragrant, another airy, kingly quality.

The hurricane lamp is an oil lamp. It is not lit right now (maybe the surroundings are too watery?) but oil floats on water, and can burn just fine, as anyone trying to use water to put out an oil fire can tell you. Oil--a substance that can allow fire to overcome water--interesting.