Tyldwick - Queen of Staves


The Queen of Staves is Water of Fire elementally; she uses her nurturing skills to get the job done. Her fountain flows down to keep the pool filled below. The flaming burners atop the urns, the red marble, the plants with fiery foliage, and the dragons hidden at the top all speak of her passionate nature. If you need a team leader, she's your gal. Water heated up will become steam - she knows how to get things moving. Yet she has another talent - the ability to attract a posse of people around her who will do what she asks of them. At the pool are a variety of plants (ferns, cattails) and fish that need water to survive. These are her "soldiers;" she knows which ones need pats on the back, words of encouragement, or a charming smile to motivate them. Is she manipulative? Well, yes a bit. These people live off the "water" she supplies them with, so they end up feeling like they're the lucky ones to be in her presence and work with her. But heaven forbid if one of them steps out of line or questions her priorities - one of those dragons will immediately swoop down and rip them out by their roots. She's the best director and cheerleader for any group effort - just make sure you're playing for the right team so you don't wind up with a steam burn.



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swimming in tarot

Thanks for the magnified picture of the dragons. Like so many things in this deck, I misperceived them at regular size, and saw the heads of screaming harpies. But, if this queen is crossed, is that so incorrect a perception?