Tyldwick - Nine of Staves


On an ornate table sits a statue of Atlas struggling to hold up his sphere. Today, most people think what he is holding is the earth, but an investigation of classical art and literature finds it to be a celestial sphere. Zeus gave him the job of standing on the earth and holding up the "sky" to prevent the two from returning to their "primordial embrace." So basically, if you don't want to lose the ground you've made, hang in there. The only way to lose at this point is to give up. Of course with any creative endeavor, there is a time when it feels like you're trying to get to the top of the Empire State Building by walking up the steps wearing ankle weights and a backpack full of rocks. It's easy at this point to feel bloody and bruised, take on the role of the victim and start whining instead of paying attention to the task at hand. The two plants on either side of the table have fiery foliage and are a hint to find some way to keep the fires of passion burning in order to keep going. Perhaps there is another person who can take some of the work load; if not, maybe you need a cheering squad who will remind you that what you are doing is important. But whatever you do, don't let the ball slip and roll to the bottom of the mountain!


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But whatever you do, don't let the ball slip and roll to the bottom of the mountain!

Shades of Sisyphus there :) Then again, Sisyphus was Atlas' son-in-law! I can't be certain, but the statue of Atlas seems to be resting on a scale, further emphasizing the "weight of the world" burdening him down.