Tyldwick - Seven of Swords


The paper with its collection of theories and algebraic equations made me think of a quote attributed to Albert Einstein: "We should take care not to make the intellect our god; it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality." And in many cases, it has no ethical or moral compass either. Here is the card of the spin doctors who make a crooked politician look legit, a con man who sells worthless items to an elderly woman or anyone who uses bullshite to impress another person and earn their trust. He has so many facts and figures that it will make your head spin, and he sounds impressive. Forget trying to reason with this person; he has his own brand of logic that seems perfectly fine to him. He'll easily swat aside with smooth talk any pointed questions. But the worst part of it all is his ulterior motives. He may have even convinced himself that he's helping another person, when really he's the one who benefits. He's sure that some subterfuge is necessary for the "greater good" (think of the television evangelists who ask for money). But the bottom line is underscored by the beetle on the paper. A nicely rolled ball of poo is still poo, no matter what name you put on it.



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I love this interpretation--especially the part about the beetle! The detailed notes and figures suggest that this betrayal is both complicated and premeditated. This is not a crime of convenience or casual lie, but a sophisticated and cunning deception.