Tyldwick - Six of Coins


In the Six of Coins, the disturbances of the Five have settled back into balance once again. Lessons have been learned though, as seen by the fenced area with two griffin statues guarding the gates. Griffins were mythical animals who were part lion and part eagle. The lion was seen as king of the beasts and the eagle king of the birds, so this beast was considered especially powerful and used to guard what was considered priceless and dear. The disks that make up the gate show four that look alike and two others that look the same. So what was had at the beginning (in the Four of Coins) has been replaced along with a bit extra (shown by the two disks). We can handle the things that bring us security and stability in three ways:
1) bury it to keep it safe (think of china that is never used or a doll collection never touched)
2) risk it all for unrestrained pleasure or get-rich-quick schemes (effects seen in the Five of Coins)
3) or use it wisely by saving some and investing some
Hopefully by the time the Six rolls around, we've learned how quickly circumstances can change, but hopefully we also learn of the natural flow of the world (we lose some things but will gain others). And though we do need to use our health, wealth, time and energy wisely, we don't need to be anal about it. The monster-like face in the middle of the disks suggests a small lingering fear that might take us back to the mindset of the Four. While we should be discerning in the use of our resources, we don't want to dam the flow. If we do, we'll wind up right back where we were when all this craziness started...



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I had some difficulties trying to figure out the concept of this card with the Rider Waite. 6 of cups talks about Aiding, so my guess for this card would be:

To whom shall we open those gates
are we outside the gate or inside it ?
are we aiding or being aided ?