Tyldwick - Temperance


What I notice in the Temperance card:

painting of an angel (dressed half in red, half in blue) surrounded by an arch
figures below painting (appear to be two angels on either side of a person)

I will have to preface this post by saying most of what I see symbolically in this card is 99% from my imagination. This is the first card I've come to that I did not like (partially because I'm not fond of angels but mostly because details - even enlarged - were impossible to make out).

The angel in the painting wears two colors: red and blue. The red color reminds me of the angel Michael, the commander of the celestial forces who brings a sword. The blue color reminds me of the angel Gabriel, herald of the Divine who brings a message. In New Age thought, Michael is linked to the Sun and Gabriel to the Moon. Both angels represent two extremes of dealing with life, but the angel in the painting is a combination of both, representing choosing the middle way of moderation.
The arch surrounding the painting represents the gateway to victory.

Beneath the painting are three figures that appear to be a human flanked by two angels. This reminds me of those cartoons that showed a character with a little devil (fallen angel) and an angel on either shoulder. Whose side will you choose to be on? Or will you choose neither side and remain neutral, holding things in balance?



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The painting is of the greek goddess Iris (Golden Winged Goddess of Rainbow) as we see in the arch above her. The conection I have made with the Rainbow was that, like the old alchemists, we have to find the correct proportions for the elements of life to make/find our golden pot. The Color red can symbolise passion (Pathos) and the cold blue (Logos) the reason, like Iris we must find the balance between them, being an intermediate of earth and heaven