Ultimate Book T


I've been meaning to do this for awhile so i finally bit the bullet and did it. I pulled together all the available GD tarot info that I know of and put it all under one roof. Check it out. :)

Direct download.

Download Ultimate Book T 10mb


The cards that illustrate The Tarot Trumps by Soror Q.L. are from the Whare Ra Tarot


checking it out, thanks for taking the time to compile everything under one roof :)


Thanks! Excellent work, and the colored card illustrations are great. Can I safely replace Jim Eshelman's reconstruction for the College/Temple of Thelema, or should I consider this one supplemental?


This is so kind of you. Many thanks.


Thanks Abrac! This will come in handy. I especially appreciate the example readings you included here. I have seen them some time before and studying them can be a great value.


No, this doesn't replace Jim's. His is based on the Crowley Thoth deck.


Thank you for sharing, Abrac, this must have been a tremendous undertaking! I've skimmed it online, as soon as I'm back to my own computer I'll download it. The images make the entries on the different cards so much clearer.


I updated this document and and the link above. I keep having problems with text not spacing evenly but I found a new PDF converter that works great (7-PDF Maker); all the text issues are now gone. I also made a few other edits and corrections. Overall a much superior document to the last one.


great work, thnx