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Lunar Fire Tarot

High Resolution: http://lunarfiretarot.imgur.com

This deck is called the Lunar Fire tarot, a collaborative project between me (Fiona Benjamin) and Hoang Cao Nghia (artist). He takes my journal entries and writings, transforming them from just a dream to works of art. Our aim is to capture the savage and primal shadow parts of ourselves that we so often shun away from- it doesn't conform to the modern day "New Age" dawnings. We focus so hard on becoming "calm" and "centered" that we lose sense of what it means to feel rage, lust, passion, sorrow, deep love, and trust.

I want this deck to shake foundations. While it is reminiscent of the Rider Waite Smith and Crowley decks, I didn't solely stick to their interpretations.

This deck isn't for just anyone. It's for those that heed the call of the fire and want to dance in its flames. To keep true to what we originally intended, we are going to self publish the first edition (a majors only first, then a full 79 card, with a limited edition Seer card). We will then mass publish.

Our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lunarfiretarot

Kickstarter- NOW LIVE: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1131926919/self-publishing-of-lunar-fire-tarot-deck



Wow, intense is the right word here! Lovely!


Fiona...these are in- credible. I am speechless.


I like the attitude and atmosphere of the art. It has a real wicked wilderness vibe about it. I bet the Death card is great.


Thank you!!

The death card is the next one we're working on, although I am most stoked about the Devil ;)






This is stunning, i love it, its so beautiful in a nightmarish way. I think i could step into that world an live there. And i am no way into dark decks although i am very familiar with the dream world, nightmares and monsters. It is like the dark side on a fantasy world. What a feast. Well Done its gorgeous!


Thank you!!

The death card is the next one we're working on, although I am most stoked about the Devil ;)

Only because the Devil looks like me in dreams. :)

I told you people would love your deck! I'm so happy you're discovering that! When Barbara Moore says, "YES!" then we know it's better than fried gator!

Stay awesome!

-- Short For Sebastian


really beautiful images Fiona! looking forwards to more from it :) :thumbsup:


These are absolutely stunning.