Use These Ideas, Please!


Here are some awesome ideas for decks that I would buy in a heartbeat!

A 3-D Tarot that comes with those cardboard red and blue 3D eyeglasses. The more 3D texture, the better! Any style would be ok here.

A Crow Tarot based on the movie, "The Crow" with Brandon Lee. (part one only)

Faerie Lin

Hi jlbvt! I hope you don't mind me tagging in on your thread here! (Cool deck ideas by the way! Love the Crow one especially!!!)

I am longing for a DARK Alice in Wonderland deck.... if the Wonderland tarot and the Vertigo tarot had a baby... man, that would be so cool. :D


I love the the crow tarot and Dark alice in wounderland tarot ideas...i was actually thinking about the crow idea the other day and told myself i was a nut case for thinking about somthing like that...
i smurfs one, or ohhh, maybe even an OZ (HBO series) would be kinda nifty!


I'd sorta like to see a HarveyToons deck, using all those big-eyed, baby-headed characters from the kids' comics: Richie Rich, Little Audrey, Casper the friendly Ghost, Wendy the Good Little Witch, Baby Huey, the Ghostly Trio. That little red Devil guy would make a pretty good Trump 15...


Deck idea

I have been thinking about a "Mommy Deck".Suits would be Brooms, Coffee Mugs, Kitchen Knives, and Casseroles or Pies. If only I could Draw.....It would use The Rider-Smith deck as a model.Any artists want to collaborate?


I always thought the "Tarot of the Invisible Man" could be quite fun! Just take an RWS and carefully remove all the people - Leaving the clothing? (maybe) :D


Wow, what a lot of great ideas! The Mommy Deck suits are clever! Macavity- invisible man Tarot??? ;)That's crazy! ;) It suits your mystery cat personality though! LOL! JLB


Mommy Deck

I'll start with the Majors. The Fool: A young Woman with boxes is moving into a new house. Through the front door we can see that the lights are off, but the kitchen can be glimpsed through a window, perhaps. We can see that the kitchen is sunny. Of course our Mommy has a pet dog who is excited to be coming along. The other boxes waiting to be moved are near by. they are papered with the same decor on the RWS Fool's bindle. Mommy is wearing the same patterns as the RWS Fool in her modern clothing.
Next: The Magician in her Kitchen...

Royal Cat

Unfortunately I can't think of the name of it or exactly where I saw it... But there is a German deck that is a sort of "housewife" tarot deck with mom in the kitchen with a broom and casserole. Maybe someone else knows the name?

There is also an old deck called Mother Pendragon with wiccan symbolism.



Mommy Deck

Most interesting! The idea came to me while I was on an errand.The vision I have for this deck is witty and serious without being dark. We'll see a variety of mommys: working mothers, housewives, homless moms, single moms, partnered moms, abused moms. I want to capture the gamut of a mother's experiences in life. There will be a few men and, of course, kids. The deck will be primarily focused on moms as they go about their lives. It should be a general purpose deck that will appeal mostly to women.
The Magician is a mommy in her spakling kitchen. More to come...