USG Tarot de Maria Celia


I've just gotten proof images for the deck last week. I'd like to share them here with you to show the new layout as well as some of the small changes I have made on the images themselves. I also did a mock up of the tin from the proofs.

I am really loving this new size/aspect ratio - I think it works really well with the images, especially with the wonky proportions I used on the figures in the deck :D I am admittedly partial, but I like how classy the new look is - especially the tin! Loving the new font too - it's modern, has character, but also has some vintage flavor.

Just some info on the deck: it's inspired by TdM - but not a reproduction. There are similarities as well as differences to TdM, but I am hoping people will like the deck and how it reads. The name "Maria Celia" is a wordplay on the word "Marseille" - I decided on a feminine name since the deck takes a more feminine direction from its TdM inspiration. (Etymologically, Maria is a name that relates to the sea, while Celia relates to the sky, so the combination of names kinda has that cool "as above, so below" vibe going - which I think is perfect for a tarot deck. Plus I think it sounds elegant.)

I am not too sure about the dates, but from the timetable, the deck should be available around the latter part of this year. :)



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Just wow. It looks fantastic. I have the original, and I'll definitely be buying this. Thanks for sharing.


Cool, and congrats! Thanks for letting us know!


that looks awesome!


Wicked!!! End of year should be fine for me I think. In time for Christmas! :D

The deck or photos attached are amazing!

DND :)


Welp, I know what Marseille deck I would grab once it's released. Good job Ly!

Zoe Maat

Tarot de Maria Celia

Grand! Can't wait to purchase it. Love the size. Love the art style. Love the colors. Love the tin. Drool.


Yes! This looks beautiful and perfect. Very excited. Thanks for letting us see.


Beautiful! I can't wait to read with this deck.


congrats Ly - this is wonderful :)