Vargo Gothic - What is it?


I would like us to get some discussions going. I think we all agree here that the Gothic is a gorgeous deck. But what is it that draws you to it? What makes it special for you?


With my Gothic, I can express my dark side, seeing again old buddies I met in Hell and in the world of the Dead. I can't do that with my other decks. With my Gothic, I feel home. It's my little secret.


Well Im actually an Artist. Im always drawing morbid zombies and things like that. So when i saw this deck it imediatly clicked with me. Im so happy it came in the mail today


well my main attraction was the artwork i have always liked his artwork and the monolith merchandise. so i was all excited when this became available. and the decks seems dark but for me it just didnt read that way, which i find mysterious in itself. so as soon as i get my new one since my current is now lost its top on my new study list.


After a little bit of hesitation I started to use it for my readings and in the moment it is my main reading deck! I'm surprised how intense, accurate and easy to interpret my readings with this deck are. And I agree with sprite that it doesn't give "dark" readings although I'm finding that it gives deeper glimpses into my soul than other ones I have. I feel comfortable with it and doesn't have to take pains to learn its language. It just clicks with me. Similar to my absolute favourite deck the Gothic Tarot of Vampires.


It appeals to my dark side. No Fluffy deck here! I have yet to read with it. I really enjoy looking at it. I love the art. I should try a reading sometime......anyone interested?


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I gave Kiama my Lovecraft deck because it was not dark enough.

This is a nice lovely dark deck. I read best with dark decks, or Marseilles styled decks.


I don't actually have the deck, but the cards appeal to me wonderfully because of the understated sensuality, and the gargoyles. I really adore the gargoyles.


When will you stop resisting, firemaiden, to The Gothic, and give in? ;) Let yourself be initiated... by a bite! :eek: