Vargo's Gothic Daily Card


6 swords, rev.

I've never pulled this card. I have no referential base to touch upon as I look over her face. A blank slate. She reminds me of a female warrior, something outta Conan. She is bountiful, her sexuality spills over, whether she wants others to realize it or not. Charisma can go far in battle though. I should know. Esp. if your opponents underestimate you constantly.

Her bare feet are hidden. That's too bad.


Knight of Cups rev. The inability to fully express and/or realize the depth of your true emotions.

Being locked in one's dreams, fantasies... perhaps even dysfunctionally so.

(I know.... Go away, I don't care).


Queen of Cups. Her cups spilleth over, that much I can't help but see right away. There are yet thorns to be felt if you hold this woman, like a black rose she is beautiful and rare, but she can hurt you if you draw her near. It takes the right touch to cradle one such as this to your bossom, and drink from her proffered cup. She will give up her gifts, but take care, lest she prick you while you reach.

And, for no reason at all, suddenly I see that she's in a low first arabesque. And that I used to make such pictures inside my body... but not any more. And that time changes. Gifts change too maybe.

Red jewels, red lips. The hilt of her dagger.


10 wands. Oh GOD I love this card. I used to think it was a task, but you know, I don't feel the energy of burden when I look at this card. I see now the suggestion that Umbrae placed in my head long ago, "Welcome home...." This is the card that greets me after I've opened the front door to the 7 of Pentacles Manor.

The gargoyle is frozen in the act. He can't act, but adores. She can't act, she's only a ghost.

She looks a little like me. I've never seen that here before.


Not really a Daily Card -- but wasn't sure where else to put this...

I laid out the "New Deck Spread" with my Gothic Deck and here is my throw;

Side Notes: The Knaves are both crouched and ready to pounce at any second--and there are no majors in the throw--this leads me to believe that this deck is going to quickly become one of my favorite decks for daily readings--that it's going to be very easy to work with and interpret.

Shadow Card;
King of Wands
This King sits so confidently on his thrown, he is completely at ease with his position --his wings are outstretched showing that he has the energy to take flight at a moments notice. With that in mind, I feel the deck is trying to tell me to feel confident and comfortable with the readings from this deck

#1--What will you teach me?
Knave of Pentacles
The Knave here is crouched in a forward facing position--this tells me that the messages from this deck are going to be very honest and straight forward. I also think this card/in this position is telling me that I am not going to be able to use book learning at all to help with this deck that I will have to put the books down and "read the cards." (Even though the LWB has standard meanings...I am feeling that the cards have much more to say--at a much deeper level)

#2--What do I need to do?
Knave of Cups
This Knave is also crouched...but he is on a ledge looking down over a dark abyss. The raven on his shoulder appears to be speaking directly to the Knave. I see this as a direct message to listen to my inner voices -- trust in the words that I hear.

#3--What will our relationship be like?
7 of Pentacles
This card feels like a welcome home. You've come to the right place. This tells me this deck is going to be hard to put down. It is calling me to a place of comfort. I have a choice to go through the gate and walk through the front door of the mansion into warmth, comfort and knowledge...or I can stay outside in the dark and the mist.

Well there it first reading with the Gothic deck!!!