W.I.F. Snowy25 April 25 - May 1


The last observations/ How did the week go?

I left out the things I said before on this and I can post now how the week went.

Spirit/ The Magician

So I guess this week my spirit will also be somewhat like this.
There is still a need of structuring and I'll learn a few new things.

My hormones are lightening up.
I seem to notice mess and things to do everywhere!
There where also things my partner and I planned to do for the last arangements.

Now I know my house or inner spirit needs some more room and I'll have to throw some stuff away to do so.
There are some things to be taken care of and I'll have to look at the important things in life more then the things that can wait.

As said above.

Fire/ The Wisest

The fire in me has tamed.
Like the dragon in this card is a creature who would be able to do more is now unable to.
But the sand is halfway down.
This is about my energy, the fire in me is burning low and I want it to be burning higher but it can't.
This is been this way for some months now and there is still no change to be seen this week.

All true

The Fey is making a list.
There are all sorts of things I still have to do.
In combination with card one I've made an example of one.
There is not much I can do physically so mentally it can be compromiced.

This weekend a friend of mine came over and told me I'm on the lookout for everything that COULD go wrong in the house.
I knew this was one of the symptems pragnant women can have but I never hoped or dreamed I would have them.
I didn't like it but it's very true.
My partner and I have made a still-to-do list.

One componant I think I've overlooked is trust.
The dragon seems to trust the Fey and the fey seems to trust the dragon.
It seems like I have to trust on others for sertan things this week.
And i have to belief in myself as well.
They can provide some help.

My friend has helped us with some things this weekend.
I realy hate it when I can't do everything myself any more but things went ok.

Air/ 10 Wands

Ok this card kind of looks like the way I feel and look like at the moment.
But it has to with air, so I guess I need to settle down more. (more??? you don't mean that do you? Please say no.)
It could also tell me to lighten up because I think to much.

I stayed at home on the birthdayselebration of our queen Beatrix.
But I had a very strong feeling to make everyone feel at home at our house.
So I realy needed to constantly remind myself not to do to much.
My friends and boyfriend where most helpfull but the coutch was a bit of a problem.
Minor issues where worked out this week:

Or that because of all the thinking I have been doing a waite will fall of of my shoulders.

Earth/ The Sun

My basic needs seem to be fullfilled this week.
But the warning of the previouse card could be a warning here also.
Sit back and don't do to much.
Protect your body from to much stress so you can enjoy this week and maybe even the weather.
And don't get to much sun and use a sunlotion.

It was a warm week with a lot of fun in the weekend.

Water/ Temperance

My inner emotions seem to be stable this week.
I could get a few weird dreams (please not the goldfish!).
The advice is to keep sertain things to myself and everything will be fine on the emotional level.

This was also true and I've explaned some things in the previouse post so I won't do it here.


I did the reading in the beginning of last week and it has helped me to focus on some areas.
I didn't do a reading for myself for a timespan in a very long time and I think this was fun to do.
I also think that if you do a reading for a week ahead it can make you think about how your week is going during that week making me curiouse about what will happen.
I also could prepare myself for some things and other things I didn't know.
But you can't know everything that's going to happen even when you do a reading about it.
I stoped using weekly readings after I depended to much on them but doing it once as an exercise was fun.
Doing so after a long time not using them was more insightfull to me then doing it every week.
I liked the experiance of observing how the Fey tarot did their job.

Thanks lunalafey for such a great idea for this studygroup!!
I can't wait to see what the next stage is...


Take a look at your spreads- impressions and events that occured over those days-
and note these with your readings:

This looks a little odd because I already gave feedback about my reading but I'll try to do it this way.

What of the whole excercise was the most on the mark?

The part about The Wisest

What of the whole excercise never made an appearance of never got a connection?

I forgot to do this:

I think I'll have to impress someone who'se giving me a hard time lately and convince him with paperwork and docters advices what my situation is and not just wait for the outcome.

I took the advice of the 10 of Wands seriousely.

What card stood out the most to you?

That would be Temperance because the card can still be a mistery to me sometimes.

What element's essence had the most impact within your time-frame?
- was it a week of much spiritual developement? an overly emotional or receptive week? Did you get a raise or lose a job? Where there arguments or serious discussions or decisions made?

The week I did the reading for was mostley emotional and social related and there where some finincial things to take care of.
But mostley it was a pretty normal week.