WANT THIS DECK! WANT THIS DECK! (Stamping feet, pouting...)


I just saw Kayne's Celtic Tarot, and I've fallen in love with it SO much.... And I want it really badly. But th eonly problem is, it's not published, and I doubt it will be for a while....

What am I gonna do? Must have that deck... *Evil glint in eye*



I hadn't seen this deck yet, so went over to look. As I was typing in Kayne's in the find box, the deck of the week card was coming up. I was like, WOW, what is that deck. Much to my surprise it was what I was looking for.
You are completely right. I want this deck! I want this deck! I wonder if we all gang up on the author we can get all his cards. LOL


I too want this deck ........ and at least 100 others ...... and I'm not kidding ........ so many decks .......... so little money...........aaaarrrrgggghhhhh.


I like Kayne's deck A LOT also! But there's no minors yet, he needs to get working on those !!!


Kiama: You're so cute when you're angry! ;) :D

Eh, not a major fan of this one. Although I do like the Death card.

Rhiannon :)