well one card is done!


go me!

good news: i finished the high priestess. i think i'll do death next. just cause i want to get that one out of the way and the images i want to use for it have been haunting my dreams. o_O

bad news: you guys can't see my card cause it's all graphite and my scanner is crap. >< i guess a trip to kinkos after i get a few done is in order. is that very expensive? that's the only place i can think of that will scan my pictures to a disk for me using high quality scanners.

more bad news that has turned into good news: the other night i took my drawing things and my card over to my boyfriend's house. he loved it. he doesn't know much about tarot cards but he was crazy over it. :D before we went to sleep i asked him to put it inside my notebook and i saw him do it. in the morning however he accidently tipped some kool-aid on my card that was laying on the floor. :eek: niether of us know how it got onto the floor out of my notebook. he thought i would get really mad because it is stained although only in the corner, somehow the priestess herself didn't get touched even though the red stains are right next to her. weird, huh? he did a good job and only blotted so as to not smear my graphite so kudos to him for being smart and thinking straight in his moment of panic.
i think, because i was thinking of keeping them in graphite only that the faeries or some-thing/one wants me to colour them. hmm...i guess i'll have to finally learn how to shade properly with colours. :joke: i also like to think that he is now a part of my deck. since this is MY deck and he is a very important part of my life i think that's appropriate, however tragically it occured. :laugh:

anyone have any suggestions for relatively cheap places to get my cards scanned so that they will show up? i want to show them off before i colour them, so i can get suggestions for changes and all that.
and i've yet to come up with a name or a back, althought i have ideas circlign in my head for backs. no names have come up except for "The Very ME Tarot" which is corny and doesn't fit the drawing style, even tho it is a me deck. i want something more...beautiful? lol...



Perhaps you could look at it like this: You have one card out of 78 you consider complete, and the next one is on the way... you don't need a name *quite* yet.

Believe me, the name will come in its own good time, the same as the card images do. No need to worry over it; no need to search. It will find you.


i do suppose i'm jumping the gun a little with the name. lol. i just want everything to be perfect and the name has to be almost as perfect as the cards. blah. i'm impatient and fussy and worry to much!

i do wish my scanner wasn't such a peice of junk. i really wish everyone could see it. i've never drawn so well in my life. :) just goes to show i will take my time with each card and put every symbol i think is appropriate, incorporating my meager knowledge of my tarot studies and my tree of life studies. ie: i put a choker on my priestess because da'ath is the non-sephirah of the tree of life, and the throat chakrah, and her card represents hidden knowledge/mysteries. i also put a picture of the perfected tree of life behind the curtain so it shows just a little as a teaser for those that wish to know such things and want to pass through the curtain - is that good symbology? or did i add things that didn't belong?

everytime i explain this card it changes a little. i'm going to have to keep a notebook with me whenever i show this card to anyone for when i think up a new point to add as i'm explaining it. i suppose i can show it to people who don't have much knowledge about the tarot or the qabalah so that i'll have to explain things much more clearly than if i'm talking to someone who knows exactly what message i'm trying to put in this card. good idea?


Hi there!
Well, I guess before you get any comments, you should put at least one card up, so we can see for ourselves and then comment and give feedback. Also, for the colouring, I think you should colour your cards the way you think they should be coloured, then ask for some opinion. You will be your best judge, and whatewer comes from you, from within, that will work the best. Trust me.

All the best and put up that card soon! ;)