What do you love about the Bohemian Gothic?


I just ordered the bohemian gothic from amazon uk before it is too difficult to get hold of, i am not really into gothic stuff but i love the VR and am really drawn to this deck.
I'm very excited to recieve it.....and want to excited myself even more so........please tell me all the things you love about this deck :)


mine is the "gothic-ness" maybe......

Le Fanu

Absolutely everything. The blue glow it emanates, the borderlessness, the immaculate photomontaging, the perfect choice of photographs for maximum storytelling, the odd tensions between characters, the backs, that incredible bone chapel which appears on certain cards, the best Emperor of any deck I know, the cards stock, the noise it makes when I shuffle it, that 4 of Pentacles, O and the reaction on readers´ faces when you pull it out. "I want a reading with that deck ,friends say when they come round and peruse my collection! Every time!

I will remember a hundred other reasons as to why I love it, but for the moment that is what springs to mind...


Ooooh I have to agree with the eerie glow, it's intoxicating. The borderless images are absolutely captivating, inspiring the imagination in readings, or even just looking through. The card is lovely and shuffles so nicely, the size and finish, everything is lovely. I am so into the way thet MRP produce their decks, they've hit on a formula which meets the real needs of tarot readers- this is quite a breath of fresh air when compared with the larger tarot publishers which seem to get worse every year with poor quality card, hideous borders, horrible plastic coating and laminating, wasteful packaging... they seem completely out of touch with what tarot readers want. You won't have ANY of these gripes with the Boho Goth, it's smiles all the way as so much work has gone into them at every stage of production.


I completely agree with many of the comments here. For me the quality of the paper, the way it shuffles, bends just perfectly are huge. I may love the images on some decks, but if the tactile isn't there for me, I find there's a level of "push" I need to utilize to get the shuffling and layout done. That just doesn't happen with the BG or the VR. I wish they'd share this process with other publishers.

I find that the images have expanded my understanding of the traditional card meanings. It provides a glimpse into the "other", more shadow side of experience.

It will probably never be the deck I use most often (Royal Fez & Greenwood) but I'll use it as needed to keep my understanding fresh.

I think you'll really enjoy this deck!


It is my dream that all decks are produced borderless!
Yes I too love the matte finish, the size and I find these cards always give me such positive readings. The hues transport me to balmy summer nights, beautiful sunsets....very invocative.

I am not normally a fan of anything gothic but I do love these cards!


I don't normally like 'gothic' things either (shiny PVC basques just not my thing) but this deck is the cool kinda gothic, like old horror movies and novels....


To me in readings this perfectly reflects 'what lies beneath'. The tensions that people hide in public, the secrets that explain actions and reactions. I find it a shadow deck, in the Jungian sense.


I agree with those mentioning its eerie glow. I also find myself very attracted to the darkness of the images and the cards in themselves are absolutely gorgeous. Just looking at them and touching them(and even thinking about them like I do now) sends shivers down my spine- in a good way, of course. For some reason I've always been very fascinated with the old-fashioned kind of horror: vampires, werewolves, Frankenstein's monster, Jekyll & Hyde, skeletons, coffins, gargoyles, dark castles and so on and how they appeal to the dark sides of human kind.

Plus the cards seem to speak to me in a very special way. When I look at single cards and try to interpret their symbolism it usually takes some time before I can think of something at all, but with these cards I could write a book on all the things going through my mind.

Queen of Pentacle


I am mesmerized by mine
It's really beautiful (in a dark way), eerie, with silver shadow and blue glow.
In the silver edition, the metallic ink is so brilliantly used, it light the cards

but I absolutly cannot use is for reading. I am ;-( afraid of it, and everytime I tried it just frighten me, or leave me a sad feeling.